Party Wall

Party Wall Advice – Have you received a Party Wall Notice or are you aware or concerned that works are being planned or to be carried out by a neighbour, which may affect your property?

If you receive a Party Wall Notice this means your neighbour intends to carryout building works on the Party Wall between your properties, or they wish to excavate adjacent to your property which may cause damage and consequential loss.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is there to protect your property and your investment but you need to get good solid advice from an experienced Party Wall Surveyor to guide you through the process.

Your first question will most likely be what will this cost me? But you need not worry about the costs as the answer is, usually, nothing. Greenwood Bell will give you a formal undertaking and there will be no costs to you in the matter as Surveyor’s fees are met by the person who is to carry out the works.

Telephone us to discuss the issues and options which affect you and your property and we will advise you on how to respond to the Party Wall Notice, how to approach neighbours you think are planning works you are concerned about and what your legal rights are during this time.

Without advice, this can be a stressful situation for most people. To give you the comfort you require  we would recommend you having details in writing between yourself and your neighbour. We would highly recommend this even if you are not concerned about the works they want to carry out as it eliminates many issues that could come up in the future.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 actually came into force in England and Wales on 1st July 1997 and it is a sensible piece of legislation which provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes between owners of neighbouring properties where work is proposed on the Line of Junction between two properties or on a Party Wall or regarding excavations which are planned in close proximity. The Act’s purpose is to ensure that Adjoining Owners do not suffer damage and loss. In the case that any damage is caused by the building works then remedial works or a payment in lieu are the responsibilities of the Building Owner (the party carrying out the work).

Whilst the Act does not specifically require it, GWB will always ensure that there is a written Schedule of Conditions and a Photographic record of the property attached the Party Wall Award which is a formal document that describes the nature, duration and extent of the works. There may also be a requirement for Risk Assessments and/or Method Statements to be included. We can complete all of these pieces of paperwork for you and remove the stress from your hands. It can be an incredibly complex business so it is always best to consult experts.

Building Owners

If you want to carry out works to your property which you think will affect your neighbours or you want to check whether the work will affect your neighbours and whether you should serve a Party Wall Notice on your neighbour then call Greenwood Bell today and we will offer you independent and expert advice on the matter.

What is more is that there is no charge from Greenwood Bell for preliminary Party Wall advice. We will explain to you as the Building Owner (the person proposing to carry out the works) your obligations under The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 to your Adjoining Owners (neighbours to the site). We can make some of the most complicated cases easy to understand for our clients and are very experienced in explaining the requirements you will need to fulfill.

We know from experience that simply posting Notices to Adjoining Owner can be perceived as being confrontational and antagonistic. Because of this, once appointed to act on your behalf:

Greenwood Bell never simply serve a Notice by post – we always endeavour to make personal contact with Adjoining Owners to establish a rapport and explain the process to them. We often find this mutually beneficial to you as the Building Owner and to the Adjoining Owner. At Greenwood Bell we are well aware that maintaining good neighbourly relations before, during and after building works is important to any home owner or developer.

You may also need to consider access to your neighbouring property in order to carry out your building work. Access Licences are often something ignored or forgotten until there are expensive delays on site. Our advice is to plan ahead. We are happy to advise and assist. For more information about Access Licenses, please see below. Access Licenses will be needed if you have to erect scaffolding to work on your property which needs to be partly on your neighbour’s property and so on.

Telephone us to discuss the issues regarding the proposed works and we shall be happy to assist you.