Party Wall Cheshunt

Do you live in Cheshunt? Do you need more information about Party Walls and what they involve? Do you want to find out more about the Party Wall Act? Do you know when you need a Party Wall Notice or not? Then come to Greenwood Bell and we will help you answer all of these questions and more.

There are many reasons as to why you would need a Notice but there are equally as many reasons that you would not need a Notice for your Cheshunt home. You will need a Party Wall Notice if you are planning on demolishing part of your building which affects the wall adjacent to your property or will affect the foundations of the homes close to you. This is also the same for when you have to do work in walls adjoining properties such as loft conversions, inserting steel beams, damp proofing, during basement conversions and especially if this involves lowering the flooring level or affecting the ceiling heights and also if you are planning to remove a chimney form your home.

If you are wanting to work on walls which are connected to your neighbour’s homes then you will need a Party Wall Notice. Often neighbours do not think about this when they are planning works, for example, rebuilding the wall surrounding the front of homes. These are popular works which owners carry out on their homes but if not done properly then it can cause damage. For instance, if the builder does not reinstate damp proofing or update it, it can, over years, affect your property. These works need a Notice but this does not always happen.

However, you can still carry out many needed tasks without having to get consent from your neighbour through a Notice. These include things like changing wallpaper, plastering walls, inserting electrical sockets and raw plugs and much more.

We can guide all customers in Cheshunt as to what will require a Party Wall Notice and what will not.