Party Wall Luton

There are many different works which can be carried out on homes in and around Luton which will result in the need for a Party Wall Notice. The most regular and common works which require a Party Wall Notice include extensions to buildings, be that domestic or business, a loft conversion, a basement conversion and at times, the removal of chimney breasts.

The latter is especially common in houses which are part of a terrace. This is because these houses are joined on either side by another property. That is, unless the property you live in is at the end of the terrace. Removing chimney breasts is quite a structural undertaking and involves the need for supporting the roof structure of a home as the chimney is removed. It often requires other structural support in the beams within the attic and on many occasions this requires scaffolding in order to complete the works. This is very similar when taking on a loft conversion. Steel beams are often needed to support the floor of a loft conversion in order to make it safe and comply with building regulations.

At Greenwood Bell we can advise all our customers who live in Luton whether they need this structural support and whether this would mean they also need a Party Wall Award.

As for extensions, even if the area you are extending into does not affect your neighbours in terms of sharing walls and lines between the homes, property owners generally need an Award because of the digging of ground to install the foundations of the extension. The foundations only need to be within three metres of the neighbour’s property (according the Party Wall Act 1996) for there to be a need for an Award to be sought out.