Party Wall St Albans

We offer all sorts of surveyor services regarding Party Walls for our customers based in and around St Albans. Our services start with advice and this tends to be the most valuable tool we have to give our customers. We are able to advise our clients on how to respond to Party Wall Notices which they have had served on them.

In some cases, there should not pose a problem to our clients’ home but we always respond to the party who served the Notice quickly and efficiently. We highly recommend written agreements and documents between yourself and your neighbour or whoever has served you the Notice. We advise this even if there seems to be no concerns to our St Albans clients.

We strongly suggest this because it can save a lot of issues in the future if plans change as we have known some people found their neighbours did not stick with their original plan and with nothing in writing this can cause unneeded complications. However, we also support and advice those people wanting to carry out works in their homes and who need to serve a Party Wall Notice.

Firstly we begin by offering advice as to whether a Notice needs to be served or not. We offer this advice free of charge. We only charge if action is needed. We liaise with the owners of the adjacent property rather than serving them a notice cold as we have seen time and time again how important it is to maintain good neighbourly communication. Simply serving a Notice can cause some ill feeling even if it is not intended. This is because it is such a formal document. By speaking to the party or parties involved directly it removes misunderstanding and concern as plans are chatting through. We always back up this action by sending through the Notice and keeping a thorough paper trail of all communications.