Party Wall Stevenage

If you want to carry out works to your home and you are unsure whether you need to serve a Party Wall Notice then speak to Greenwood Bell specialist surveyors and we will advise anyone in the Stevenage area as to whether they need to serve a Party Wall Notice or not.

We give this service without charging a fee for it and only start our charges if you do need to serve a Notice and you choose to use us to represent you through this situation. We will explain to you as the Building Owner (or in laymans terms, the person proposing to carry out the works) the obligations you need to meet under The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 to your Adjoining Owners (the neighbours to your site).

We can make some of the most complicated cases easy to understand for our clients and are very experienced in explaining the requirements you will need to fulfil. We have seen from our 15 years of experience that simply posting Notices to Adjoining Owner can be perceived as being confrontational and antagonistic. Because of this, once appointed to act on your behalf, we will never simply serve a Notice by post – we always endeavour to make personal contact with Adjoining Owners to establish a rapport and explain the process to them.

We often find this not only benefits you as the Building Owner but it also serves to benefit the Adjoining Owner. At Greenwood Bell we are well aware that maintaining good neighbourly relations before, during and after building works is important to any home owner or developer.