Party Wall London

If you are looking for a Party Wall Surveyor in London and you want to choose a company that has all the experience needed to complete complicated Party Wall Awards and Agreements but which does not come with the costs often associated with large and long-standing corporations then choose Greenwood Bell. We are based close to London operate throughout most of the capital.

Having been in existence for more than 14 years means we have seen it all when it comes to Party Walls. We are highly trained experts in Surveying and we know our stuff. We have worked on countless cases over the time we have been running in and around the capital and we have come across every issue that could be faced and all types of building work we think one could ever come across.

Our knowledge of the law pertaining to Party Walls is exemplary and our understanding is fantastic. We know the regulations inside out and we know how to apply them and work to them. We know how to advise people about their circumstances which means we know how to apply the law to circumstances.

The laws are straightforward but the cases we have seen are complicated. We can explain the law to our clients simply and effectively regardless of how complex their situations are and we know how the law works in each situation. We are good with people and we know how to explain things clearly and concisely.

We understand all the different facets of Party Walls such as Notices, Awards and Agreements. We can help our London customers understand what each of these facets are and how and why they are used.