Party Wall Watford

Do you live in Watford? Do you have works you would like to carry out in your home? Have you thought about serving a Party Wall Notice? If not, you need to consider this and check whether this is something you need to do. Or are you a homeowner or business owner and have you been issued with a Party Wall Notice?

Either way, you will likely need to employ the services of a qualified surveyor. Party Wall Surveyors are employed to issue an impartial Award in order for works to commence. The Party Wall Award details things such as the way in which the building owner should carry out their works, the timeframe of the works and many other details pertaining to the agreement which has been made. Usually there will be something called a schedule of condition. This details the condition of the home of the person who has been issued the Party Wall Notice. This is done so that as the works are carried out, if any damage is caused, it can be documented against the schedule of condition.

At Greenwood Bell we can cover all of these details for our Watford clients and draw up the necessary documents such as schedules of condition and Awards. It is important to note, however, that an Award is different to an Agreement. A party wall Agreement is used when the person carrying out the work to their home and the neighbouring property owner consent to the works being carried out. If a neighbouring property owner is unhappy with the works being carried out next to their Watford property then a Award is needed for work to commence.